The First Trimester

The First Trimester

The first trimester is the first twelve-ish weeks of pregnancy. These first few months are typically the time in a pregnancy when women are at their highest risk for miscarriage. Due to the sensitive nature during this time, most wait before sharing the news and this was especially true for us. We did however tell our bosses since we’d be missing work for sonograms and doctor appointments. Our reason for waiting was mostly due to my thyroid condition.

We were told that women with these types of conditions often have an increased chance of miscarriages. So, within a week of finding out I was pregnant, I was in the endocrinologist’s office to get my blood-work updated. He increased my dosage and told me I would need to be back every other month for follow up blood-work. This was to ensure that my levels were staying steady and I was still feeling good. I wanted to be absolutely sure that I was staying on top of everything to ensure the best outcome possible for our little one.

You couldn’t really tell by looking at my belly I was pregnant, but some people at work did seem to notice something was going on. They asked if I was feeling alright and commented on how pale and tired I was looking. I just kept telling them I was sick or had caught a stomach bug. “Maybe I have a stomach ulcer?” was also another mantra of mine. One coworker specifically asked me if I was pregnant since she caught me snacking on saltines. I played dumb and told her that I had brought them to go with my soup for lunch. It also didn’t help that I had stopped putting on make-up for at least the first six weeks — laziness.

During the first 6 to 7 weeks, I felt pretty good. Mostly just tired with typical symptoms like an enhanced sense of smell, low energy and breast pains. I had noticed, and so did my husband, that my bras were starting to fit a bit too small. I definitely needed to upgrade to a larger bust size than what I was used to wearing. It was the first time I got to go up a bra size since middle school, woo-hoo! The new hourglass figure was a nice little mood booster. But alas, this would only last until the rest of my body figured out I was pregnant. I was glad that I at least still fit into my regular tops and pants, but knew I’d eventually have to give those up too. I was dreading having to wear maternity clothes and becoming more curvy than what you might call a hourglass shape.

Things really started to go south between week 7 and week 16. Those weeks were rough. I didn’t vomit very often, just felt like I had a stomach ulcer and the sensation of sea sickness was terrible. I felt like I had a flu most of the time and had a hard time getting up and motivated in the mornings — though that’s me most days even when I’m not pregnant. Add in the hormonal changes and I turned into a waterfall of emotion.

My poor husband was so lost when I would spontaneously burst into tears. He would look at me completely confused. In an unsure voice say “Is there anything I can do?” or would offer to show me pictures of cute kittens. He’s an amazing guy, but tears seem to make him freeze like a dear in headlights, HA!

He hung in there, tried his best to keep me in high spirits and was very supportive. I’m sure he was glad when that first trimester ended and I started to look and feel more like myself — at least for a little while.

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