The Day My Life Changed

The Day My Life Changed

My husband’s best friend Robert was coming into town to visit and play some paintball. Just to be safe, I thought I’d take a pregnancy test before I went and ran around playing paintball. The month before I had been three days late but hadn’t been pregnant. It was still a few days before I was expecting my monthly visitor. So, we were sure there was no way I was pregnant. I took the test, it was negative, so went about our weekend. Little did I know, the next weekend would be the day my life changed forever.

The Day My Life Changed – Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Day My Life Changed
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I woke up around 6am in the morning, laid in bed for a few moments hoping that I would fall back asleep. As I laid there drifting away, I realized that my period was several days late. I had been late the month before and hadn’t been pregnant, but something told me I should get up and take the test anyway.

We had just celebrated our seven year anniversary and our first six months of marriage. We knew we wanted to have a baby, just hadn’t really been “trying”. If it happens, it happens.

I went into the bathroom to get a test, not really nervous because I wasn’t expecting anything. I peed on the stick, placed the cap on, set it on the counter and waited. My cat, Seven (Seven of Nine) weaved in and out of my legs begging for attention. My older cat Spock (see a pattern?), stared at me in an attempt to bully me into feeding him.

After the allotted time had passed I went to the bathroom counter to check the test. It was faint, but it was definitely positive.

I looked at myself in the mirror and just stared for a few moments breathing slowly and deeply. I was going to be a mom.

The Day My Life Changed
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I went into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed then rocked my husband back and forth until he woke up. He said I looked petrified when I woke him and asked what’s wrong. I told him I was pregnant and tried to hand him the positive test. It took a few minutes to register since he just woke up… at 6 in the morning…. and just starred at the test. “Eh, it’s probably a false positive since it’s so faint.

He was skeptical since we had had a “close call” the month before. “Come back to bed, don’t worry about it.” I put the test and went back to bed. Several minutes passed and a very large sigh came from his side of the bed.

Ben:Are you sleeping?

Me:No but I’ll probably fall asleep. Why, can you not sleep?”


Me: Why Not?

Ben:Take a guess? Let’s get dressed and go to the store.

My husband, the skeptic, wanted to go buy more tests from every brand the store had to make sure it was a false positive.

We ran down to Walmart, got the tests, walked up to the cashier greeting us, “Good morning!“. Ben threw down all of the tests and without skipping a beat said, “We’ll see.

The Day My Life Changed
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I was excited to get home and start the test. Especially since one of them had the digital display that told you how many weeks you were. We got home, I peed on the sticks, minutes later, positive. Every single one of them. The digital said “1-2 Weeks”.

Even after all these tests, Ben still wasn’t convinced and had me call my doctor as soon as they opened Monday. He wanted to get an “official” test done… that came back positive too.

We were going to have a baby! My life hasn’t been the same since.

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