Blue Rainbow Leggings

Blue Rainbow Leggings


Can't stop, won't stop grinning!

Put these super cute Blue Rainbow Leggings on from Doodle Pants and you’ll be beaming sunshine and rainbows all day long. Cozy and soft construction with reinforced seams.

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Blue Rainbow Leggings

We’ve seen far too many diaper-bottomed tots squeezed into skinny jeans (and we’re only talking about this morning). Whatever happened to comfort for the under 2 set? You know, leggings stretchy enough for wriggling and — dare to dream — fitting over cloth diapers. Yeah, it stumped us too, so we made our own, with original artistic “doodles” on the bum, just because it makes us happy (you’re welcome, we love you, too).

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Elastane, Polyester


12 – 18 Months, 18 – 24 Months, 3 – 12 Months

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