Sale! Baby Hand & Footprint Photo Frame Package

Baby Hand & Footprint Photo Frame Package

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2 customer reviews

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They won't stay little forever, but you can capture it!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to preserve your baby's sweet little hand and foot prints. Easy DIY craft creates lasting hand & footprint impressions.

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Baby Hand & Footprint Photo Frame Package

Baby Hand & Footprint Photo Frame Package

Babies grow and change so quickly. Before you know it, those adorably chubby feet and hands transform from infant to toddler. With our baby hand and footprint kit, you can stop time and capture this magical moment.

Create treasured memories with this easy DIY craft project. This baby keepsake project allows you to lovingly capture the essence of your precious baby by making impressions of his or her little hands and feet. With the addition of two photographs, it’s a memento to cherish forever that your child will even appreciate as an adult someday.

Our Unique Baby Keepsake Kit Features:

  • 3 packages of soft, pliable, air-drying clay

  • Safe non-toxic clay is easy-to-use for baby prints with newborns and older
  • No mixing or baking the clay
  • White frame holds two pictures plus the clay impression

Our baby footprint kits and handprint kits are a fun DIY project for everyone from novice to experienced crafters. Simply knead the soft, non-toxic clay, make the impression of baby’s hand/foot, add the photos and you’re ready to display. Order multiple baby prints kits and make keepsake gifts for grandparents, perfect for the holidays or to commemorate any of baby’s “firsts.” The baby hand and footprint kit also makes a thoughtful baby shower gift.

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  1. I love this! But I do have some thoughts and tips if you’re doing this with a baby. First, make sure your baby is asleep! I attempted to do this with a newborn who was awake and he would just not keep his hand open long enough for a print. So we waited for him to fall asleep, but the clay had started to dry a bit so it didn’t work as well with his hand prints. And he still wanted to close his hand a bit even while sleeping, so you can tell he’s grabbing the clay and digging in his fingers in the print…but that’s okay!
    Second (and this was sort of covered in my first suggestion), work quickly! The clay does take a long time to completely dry out, but it does start to dry out a bit on the surface and then starts to look a bit dry when you do the print if you don’t work quickly enough.
    Third, use your dry fingertips to lightly brush the surface before putting the hand or foot print on the clay. I had a very difficult time evening out all the bumps with a rolling pin, but I discovered that lightly brushing with my fingertips made the surface look much nicer!
    Fourth, don’t try to do this alone if you’re getting baby prints. We needed at least two people to do it. One to hold the baby, one to hold the frame/clay. And maybe even a third to push the hand or foot into the clay.

    We decided since he’s so tiny, that there was enough room for both feet and both hands, so we did that. I’m glad we did, but with each print, you displace some of the clay, so we have ripples around the prints from all the displaced clay. I’m okay with that because I like having all four, but be aware that will happen if you attempt to do more like we did. I’m so glad we have this special keepsake. It looks great and I can’t wait to get the perfect photos in there to go with them.

  2. Love it. Simple & adorable. Great quality. Used for my 3 dogs paw prints.

5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
5.00 out of 5 stars

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