My First Sonogram

Our First Sonogram

Like most first time moms I went into this pregnancy completely unaware of what my body and mind was truly about to go through. My poor husband had no clue what he was in store for, but he held on like a champ. And I had no clue what I was in for, for my first sonogram.

This being his first child as well, he was all about researching the “do’s and don’ts” of pregnancy and stick strictly to those “rules”. If the doctors said “You should only drink caffeine in moderation“, then my husband would say “better safe than sorry, no caffeine“. Since chocolate has caffeine in it that went out the window along with coffee, tea, soda, and anything else with known amounts of caffeine.

He became the master of Google and would look up everything that he thought questionable. “pregnancy and caffeine“, “pregnancy and tuna“, “pregnancy and sour cream” and many other searches along the way. He wanted to research everything that we put into my body so that it wouldn’t harm the baby.

My First Sonogram
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At first it was really cute and endearing but as time passed I wanted to smash his phone and just tell to trust the doctors and the baby book! He really was trying to help but there is such a thing as too much help.

Since we were only a few weeks in, and they don’t consider a pregnancy confirmed until a sonogram shows there’s a baby growing in there, he was cautious about getting too excited. I was doing my best to temper my enthusiasm and be realistic. My health has never been the best and I have a thyroid condition, which we were told increased my chances of miscarriage. So we waited for three weeks until our next appointment.

My First Sonogram – Friday, May 27, 2016

My First Sonogram
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This is the day we finally got to go back to the doctor and get our very first sonogram to “confirm” the pregnancy. I was pretty excited and ready to get confirmation so that I could really start planning for a baby! Twins also ran in my family and had skipped a generation or two so I wanted to be sure we were only expecting a singleton and not multiples.

This day I also discovered something about sonograms, they aren’t all done from the outside… After the doctor asked me to undress from the waist down and left the room I began to change into the typical gynie visit outfit. I found it surprisingly awkward to do this in front of my husband, who has seen it all before but somehow this was different. It felt like he was watching me pee or see me do something really private and embarrassing.

My First Sonogram
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He politely averted his eyes while I got changed and up on the table. The doctor came back and they rolled in this big cart with a screen that looked like it was from the 80’s on top of it.

It was pretty cramped in the exam room with the two of us, my doctor, the nurse, and the sonogram cart but we all fit. She pulls out what looked like a skinny version of the “neck massage” wand they sell (the one apparently popular with women, and not for their necks).

She slipped over the wand what basically was a large oddly shaped condom made specifically for this tool and slopped some lube on the end. This began my very first “trans-vaginal sonogram”. While slightly awkward and uncomfortable, it is apparently the best way to see something so small.

After just a few moments of staring and the grainy screen we were finally able to see a black jelly bean shape with a little gray smudge inside. That gray smudge was our baby! We were even able to see the little white flickers of the beating heart (well, not a heart like you or I have but what was slowly forming the heart).

They left the room so I could get changed and we suffered through another (and even more awkward) changing of the clothes. This was worse because there was some personal clean up that had to be done due to the lube used for the sonogram. Little did we know, this was going to be the first of many trans-vaginal sonograms, new bodily functions and broken personal privacy barriers.

When the doctor came back in and we got our very first picture of our baby we knew that nothing was going to be the same again. We were going to be parents.

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