About Me

Having a baby girl is like falling in love for the first time — feeling completely scared, incredibly excited, fearlessly hopeful, but most of all… unguarded, unconditional, pure love.

Hello my name is Robin!

I am the lucky daughter of two very loving parents that want nothing but the absolute best for me. Although I haven’t been born yet I’m very active and healthy. My birthday will be very soon though and my parents can’t wait to meet me and show me the room they worked so hard on for me.

My dad hopes that I will take after him and be strong, confident, smart, and ambitious.

My mom hopes that I will be like her and be compassionate, artistic, and enjoy learning.

No matter what traits I have the will love me unconditionally and encourage me to try new things and challenge myself.

They hope that when the time comes I choose to go to college and further my education but as they both know college can be expensive and seems to only be costing more and more as time goes by. In order to plan ahead and offset some of that cost my super talented dad built this website in hopes of building up a college fund, and finding some really awesome clothes for me at the same time!